Start-up Started – [Startup] Day 1

by maomaofish

看了The Foundation的學生Carl的創業過程之後,我覺得很make sense。然後今天又聽了Dane Maxwell演示怎樣從顧客那裡獲得business idea.


”I have followed Dane and Sam Ovens for a few weeks now and this recording is actually a complete business package. He doesn’t need email, a website, business cards, the usual trappings. He is JUST calling a guy, asking what the issue is, then explaining he can solve it, then asking how much he would pay for that solution. Customer before business. Effing gold right there. And listen to how Dane barely speaks, even during some long pauses he just sits back and let’s the guy vent. Digging through those layers, I was 100% CONVINCED he was going to ask for the paperless office first, until he convinced himself the GPS logger was more valuable. And actually for those worried about cold calling, there is no pitch in this recording, he isn’t selling a bean. He is just asking what the issue is then asking the customer to sell the idea to himself. I hope i make The Foundation this year but if not, no matter, I’m on track now. You’ve heard the saying “the customer always comes first” and in Dane’s world this literally means BEFORE the product. Good job Andrew, Dane, Sam. Good job boys.“ – 



Thoughts delivered by Dane Maxwell and I totally agree to:

  1. Address a real problem – not an imagined problem. The only way you could identify a real problem is by talking to your customers.
  2. Solution is after the problem is pinpointed.
  3. If you are really helping them, no pitching is needed at all (feel proud instead of feel shy – you are not asking sth from people, you are bringing them good things).

My observations (GUESSING – need to be validated):

  1. Addressing the pain seems more powerful than adding pleasure – in terms of people’s motivation to change.
  2. Target the businesses/business owners, and earn a stable monthly income – not to address the general public first. 
  3. Software solution maybe more suitable for workflow improvement and tracking (e.g. replacement of paper, better record and reminder, on cloud, real time info), more on internal use within an organization/ by the owners (the back end), rather than be used for marketing, engaging the customers (the front end). People may be fascinated with the idea that: a software (manager) can help them organize every admin thing, they could then focus their energy and talent on business development in their field.

My next steps:

  1. See more case studies of The Foundation
  2. I think I don’t have many limiting beliefs thanks to my daily full-time job which involves a lot of cold-calling and selling. For the full-time job, I would practice Dane’s method and see whether I can be more successful.  
  3. Now I want to explore some fields that I am interested in:
  • F&B staff-hiring and retention
  • property leasing (better matching of demand and supply, more transparent info, CRM)
  • social enterprise start-up facilitation and success measurement (e.g. for EFG)
  • book store survival
  • writing facilitator (helping the writers and the people who aspire to write)