[#Task1] Day 3 – Less Talk More Work

by maomaofish

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

I CLOCKED off at 7:30pm today. Normal time in HK. But I feel like as if the whole night was gone. It’s really difficult to get something running part-time (I have a startup project that I am working on). I know why few people in HK trying to startup part-time. 

So, talk less and work more.

I learned “clock” used as a verb today, from the article about the “symphonic-life” proposed by Michael Hyatt. Fair, not very inspiring.

Do You Practice the 5 Habits of a Balanced Life?

Due to time limit in the morning, drew half the bracelet only. But looks good. I really like drawing random daily objects. 

WIN_20140716_082507 (2)