Ice-cream as reward (already?!)

by maomaofish



I was caught by this famous hk-must-eat ice cream truck on my way home. I was destined to have an evil ice cream. Poor me… my running exercise last night is going to be wasted (well at least it offsets the calories).

If there should be a reason – I think I earned this ice cream by starting this blog, and I got FOUR followers overnight! I really didn’t have the least expectation that it would come so soon!

My followers, although I have not a clue why you follow this blog (maybe just by mistake? lol. Pls tell me!), thank you so much – you made my day and bought me this ice-cream ^3^ (Thank god my current task is not weigh losing…)

You seem English people so this is in English and actually it is a thank you note.

Anyhow. I ate an ice cream tonight and I enjoyed it very much. Reason is not important. Thank you.